Airline Upgraded: Delta Air Lines Gets a Boost

Airline Upgraded: Delta Air Lines Gets a Boost
There are a lot of risks in the airline industry, and high debt levels rank near the top, making things like cash flow and creditworthiness critical to airline success. Attaining an investment-grade credit rating in this industry is difficult, but …
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European Airlines Miss Full Benefit of Lower Fuel Costs
LONDON—Many European airlines are seeing little benefit from the sharp fall in jet-fuel prices since early September, because hedging contracts have them locked in to paying higher prices. Besides the large fuel-hedging contracts, which carriers put …
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Southwest Airlines executive has friendly and direct warning for business
“To be successful, the business community must support Southwest Airlines,” Ricks said. “We could not ask for anything more from this community except for a little more business travel.” Southwest came to Grand Rapids last year after a concerted pitch …